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What we do

The recipe that makes us awesome.

The power of research

We work with industry experts to make proper findings on the true nature of an environment and the culture of it’s people before we take action.

The secret recipe

We play at the intersection of creativity, data and technology

Our culture

Team members and Partners describe our culture as collaborative and collegial, with people comfortably sharing their views. There is respect for the opinions of others, but there is also an expectation that those opinions will be well- informed and effectively communicated.

The very foundation of RedWolf’s culture is based on “collaboration”

This requires that we have an analytical, creative, data-driven, strategic culture that rewards intellectual rigor and innovative thinking. People with good ideas – and the determination to see them through – do well here.

We encourage a large amount of interaction, so our team place a high value on co-worker quality. You will work with people who are smart, open, informal and supportive.

Who we are?

A digital marketing and research agency that transforms businesses using human-centered solutions for the digital age.

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About us

RedWolf Consult is a digital marketing and research agency that transforms businesses using human-centered solutions for the digital age. We exist to help brands embrace the creative and technological changes revolutionizing all aspects of their business. With competencies in web, mobile, social media, content creation, search engine marketing, shopper marketing, market and industry research.  All this means we are well-equipped to meet the challenges of marketing to today’s sophisticated audiences. We help companies of all shapes and sizes decide What’s Next…..and then we help take them there.

To do this requires a unique culture capable of supporting diverse talent. We call our collaborative way of working blending, and it is central to everything we do – allowing us to take ideas from strategy and concept to launch and evaluation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our understanding of marketing and research provides us with unique insights rich with data and creativity to enrich lives via our unique blend of strategy, storytelling, research, media and technology.

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